Artemis Fowl 2, The Arctic Incident; 277 pages, 1,633 down

Artemis Fowl 2This is the second book in the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.  Its genre is fantasy, and has a theme that everybody has someone that they can learn to respect.

In this book, Artemis Fowl receives a ransom message from a Russian gang posted in the Arctic Circle, saying that the gang is holding Artemis’ father captive. Meanwhile, goblin riots are becoming an increasing problem in the underground fairy community. After a large shipment of human-made batteries and outdated fairy rifles is confiscated by the LEP fairy police, Artemis Fowl and Butler are taken underground to be interrogated, as the fairies believe that they are behind the weapon distribution. However, the fairies find them innocent of dealing with the goblins, and Artemis hatches a plan to free the fairies of their goblin nuisance in return for their help in saving his father. Artemis and the LEP must work together if they are going to be able to protect the life of Artemis’ father and the secret of the fairy world.

Many people say that a sequel is rarely as good as the original book.  In this case, I find it a little backwards; I actually thought that the second book was even better than the first.  One reason that I enjoyed this story was because of the cooperation between the fairies and Artemis Fowl.  There were many examples in the plot that showed that the characters were beginning to care about one another, and I thought that this made the book more interesting and emotional.  Another reason that this book was excellent was because of the change in Artemis’ personality.  He goes from being a stuck-up, condescending brainiac to a more humble, respectful person.  Artemis had to endure several instances of “grunt work,” and the adventure really taught him a lesson and improved his character.  The final reason for my loving this book was because of its humor.  Witty jokes and sarcasm kept the slower moments moving (even thought there were very few slow moments in this book).  I strongly recommend Artemis Fowl 2 because it shows cooperation between the fairies and the humans, it influences Artemis’ personality, and it is funny and action-packed all the way through.

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